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Norlite Tactical Series LED Flashlights

Norlite Tactical LED Flashlights

Norlite Tactical Series LED flashlights are professional grade illumination tools. Engineered to specific military and police tactical standards to withstand the rigors and demands of tough jobs and extreme conditions. From small, lightweight flashlights, to larger heavy-duty flashlights, Norlite Tactical Series has your technical illumination needs covered.


Norlite TS flashlights are manufactured from high quality, aerospace-grade anodized aluminum, which helps to prevent abrasion and corrosion. O-ring sealed water-resistant construction defends against the worst of elements. All handles feature aggressive machined patterned grips for a sure hold in any conditions.


Norlite TS flashlights use Powerful Cree® LEDs instead of regular light bulbs. These powerful LEDs boast a lifespan of over 35,000 hours! LED stands for “light emitting diode”. When focused in a certain direction the effect is an electroluminescent light. Benefits of LEDs include a low operating voltage and power dissipation. LEDs are measured in lumens. Lumens are units for measurement of light output. They measure how much light you can actually see in the visible light spectrum.


The CREE® XLamp XR-E LED is leading the LED lighting revolution with its unprecedented lighting-class brightness, efficacy, lifespan and quality of light. These lighting-class features enable the XLamp XR-E LED to replace many traditional light sources and save money with energy-efficient light and long lifetimes.

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"Just bought a 4 LED flashlight. Very light and extremely helpful for lost articles in the dark of my truck!"

- Jason Pari


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