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LED Flashlights by Norlite

Norlite LED Flashlight

Hoffco Brands has designed a Norlite LED flashlight that is perfect for your lighting needs. Norlite LED flashlights come in an assortment of different colors, designs, and functions. Some of our Norlite flashlights are small enough to be carried on your key chains, while others are hand-held designs that you can use when you need to illuminate a large room. Find our Norlite flashlight in terrific colors like green, blue, silver and red.  They are great to use while reading a book on a road trip, or if you need to go down to the basement to fix a power outage. Find the Norlite LED flashlight that is compatible with your lifestyle.

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"Just bought a 4 LED flashlight. Very light and extremely helpful for lost articles in the dark of my truck!"

- Jason Pari


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