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Wired & Bluetooth Headsets for Cell Phones and Office Phones by Celltronix & Blue Planet

Celltronix Headset

The Celltronix headset delivers exceptional sound quality and echo canceling for its wearers. Hoffco Brands has a large selection of headgear that is the perfect tool for work or play. Our Celltronix wireless headset and Celltronix wired headset have a range of features including: digital recording, background noise and echo elimination, 6 hour talk time, and a stylish aesthetic. Headsets are great to wear for an early morning conference call too.  Slide the sleek Celltronix headsets into your ear for a clear, audible conversation. You will feel like you’re sitting right next to your boss and colleagues. We also recommend headsets for your car ride home. Call family members to find out what’s for dinner or call friends when reminiscing about old college memories while you’re stuck in traffic.  The Celltronix headset is an exceptional brand and incomparable piece of technology.

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"Just bought a 4 LED flashlight. Very light and extremely helpful for lost articles in the dark of my truck!"

- Jason Pari


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