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Blue Planet Bluetooth Headsets & Devices

Find a product that will surpass the industry standards and will satisfy your Bluetooth needs. Blue Planet Bluetooth headsets & devices are the latest products from Hoffco Brands that deliver the highest quality of sound and usage for your social and business endeavors. Our headsets are great for the office, car rides, or even a camping trip on the weekend. With background elimination and echo resistance, you can receive clear messages from your recipient…even if they’re miles away.

Hoffco Brands also has a unique selection of BluePlanet devices waiting to be tried out. Our speakerphone eliminates the necessity of a headset; just hook it up in a secure place in your car and start talking. With solar recharging capabilities, you can talk for hours. Our customers are also falling in love with our thumbable keyboard. If you need to respond to an email or write a quick blurb on your blog via your cellular device, our wireless mini keyboard is perfect! It’s lightweight, portable, and allows you to follow up quicker than if you were trying to use your phone’s keypad.  Easily write long emails and articles with this fun device. Blue Planet Bluetooth devices and headsets will complement your business and social lifestyle; just give it a try!


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"Just bought a 4 LED flashlight. Very light and extremely helpful for lost articles in the dark of my truck!"

- Jason Pari


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