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AMP Energy


AMP ENERGY is one of the top selling Energy drinks in the United States. AMP ENERGY branded products highlight innovative accessories that are as fast and efficient as the name implies. High tech cell phone accessories from AMP ENEGRY are essential tools for the on-the-go lifestyle. Harness the power with AMP ENERGY brand chargers and adapters, wired headsets and durable cell phone cases.

AMP ENERGY electronics accessories are ideal for all of your high tech gadgets. Get maximum enjoyment from your iPod and iPad with AMP ENERGY ear buds, USB cables, headphone splitters and more. You’ll also find AMP ENERGY brand audio accessories for a wide range of smart phones, tablets and other high tech entertainment gadgets. Ensure a quality light source with AMP ENERGY brand flashlights with LED technology for the garage, camping trips or anywhere an additional light source is needed. Amp up the quality of your everyday life with the high tech products of AMP ENERGY from Hoffco Brands.


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"Just bought a 4 LED flashlight. Very light and extremely helpful for lost articles in the dark of my truck!"

- Jason Pari


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