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Hoffco Testimonials

Welcome to the Hoffco testimonials page. We already know that we feature a vast assortment of the latest technology and unique products, and we believe our products and services are superior to other retailers.  Thanks to you, the customer, Hoffco brands is quickly becoming a consumer favorite for merchandise and customer service. If you don’t believe us, just check out our Hoffco Brands product testimonials below. The list includes comments from real customers and our business partners. As always, we enjoy your feedback too. If you have something you want to share with Hoffco Brands, please write us on our Facebook page or email us at



Mike Swaney

"I purchased one of your chargers in September 2012. I love it. the cord is long enough to us in my truck - which is usually hard to find."


Mike Ingle

"I received my new bluetooth. Thank you very much for keeping your word and standing behind your equipment. Your being loyal to your customers will keep me loyal as a customer."


Dana Elliott

"I recently purchased this very versatile charger and just love it!"


Paul Yates-Gregory

"Love these chargers! I'm a truck driver & they are a life saver. I can't work without it!"


Jerome Petsche

"Love this Celltronix charger, the tip lasted almost 3 months and as a truck driver that ain't too bad!"


Jason Pari

"Just bought a 4 LED flashlight. Very light and extremely helpful for lost articles in the dark of my truck!"


Daryl Cowart

"[The 3-in-1 Charging Cable] works wonderful for my Android Thunderbolt and my kids' iPhones!"


Robert Romero

"I just bought a charger today and it works great!"



Herbhert Estrada

"I like your product very, very much."


Jorge Gonzalez

"I like your products."


Scott Smith

"Great charger. Fits all products listed."


Bennie Andrews

"My new 3 way charger for cells is great! I do have other devices and your tip selection will solve those charging problems for me [as well]."


Thomas Peach

"Like your Celltronix 12 volt charger. Hope it gives me better service than other ones I've had, as I am a trucker and on the road a lot and need a reliable 12 volt charger."


Francisco Gonzales

"You guys have some of the best chargers I have purchased in awhile!"


Barbie Dye

"I just received a Curve 4 LED Flashlight as a gift from my Grandson, I absolutely love it!"


Joseph Kirby

"I bought [one of your] charger[s] because I saw the Free Tips For Life program. [I've found that] these chargers usually outlast any other charger I have tried."


Tim Partlow

"Hi folks, I purchased a Celltronix Noisehush N500. [It] is a good quality unit and serves my purpose very well.. Thanks for a great product."


Morgan Kellum

"I love your chargers!"


Kyle Cauley

"Really love your products!"


Dean Gallagher

"Love these chargers!"


Edward Winnie

"I bought a Celltronix Bluetooth, model N500, and I really like it!"



Steve Farenbaugh

"The Norelite NSWAT is the best ever flashlight. I am a Reserve Deputy Sheriff, Fire Investigator, dive Rescue and own a small company. Your flashlight helped with Quals for the range."



Justin Cron

"Celltronix FM Transmitter + Pandora Radio = Cheapest Satellite Radio Ever! Who needs XMRadio/Sirius?!?"



Brandon Federspiel

"I bought one of your chargers at a Pilot truck stop and it was a real life saver for me since I use my cell phone daily for my job."



Jacqualine L Dohrmann

"I have the Celltronix rapid charger, and it works great. I like the charger as both my husband and I can use the same charger and just change the tips."



Bob Frankenberger

"Celltronix FM Transmitter - a great product! I have had others of worse quality and twice the price! I use it a lot and it is my second one I have had - the first was stolen at the mechanics garage."



Bob Blackport

"Very impressed with Heather in customer service. One phone call and she took care of everything, cheerfully and professionally. I called regarding an issue with a defective cord for my headset, she took my information and will be shipping me a new cord. What a nice surprise these days, customer service."



Ivan Wilson

"Thank you for the good customer service on this flashlight. I used it for hunting this week and it was very nice to have. I will recommend your product to friends and family. Thanks again for the positive attitude and immediate response."



Mericka Newell

"I would like to say that this product is the best! My husband is a truck driver. When we talk on the phone with other bluetooth headsets (and there have been hundreds) I was constantly saying "turn down something", whether it was the C.B., radio, wind rushing in, or I could barely hear him, or he could barely hear me. With the Celltronix VR2, all problems are gone. He loves it as much as I do. There is no background noise and he doesn't sound like he is "in a barrel". Thank your company for a fantastic product.

"I would like to thank you for all your help and everything that you have done for me. Trust me when I say, that I am very pleased with the service and will be telling everyone that I can about what a GREAT company you are. It has truly been a pleasure to work with Hoffco Brands."




"Thanks for your quick response to my problem with my earpiece. The replacement works great!"



Peter McDade

"I purchased the Celltronix CN1 Bluetooth headset. I love this headset!"



Bennett Jones

"Thank you Chad. I appreciate it. I'm a truck driver and use my headset everyday. Its a good product overall and am very happy with it."




"I will always be a big fan of Hawk Optix sun glasses. Thank you for your time and effort in providing the replacement glasses and for the short time frame that it took!"



William Waller

"I recently purchased an AMP ENERGY mobile 3-way charger at a gas station while traveling through Bakersfield, CA. I am very impressed with its compact size and functions which I have shared with all my family, friends and associates!"




"Just dropping a line to say thank you sooooo much for your assistance ...we received the package today. Thanks for the prompt service! =)"



Mark Katz

"I'm a truck driver and I got this product at a Pilot truck stop. I've been a very, very happy driver with this bluetooth, the loud amp in it and the fact that the person on the other side doesn't have to enjoy the sweet noise of my truck. This the best bluetooth I've owned so far!"



Dave Richardson

"Thank you very much for such good customer service, it is much appreciated."



Edward Sims

"I will be sure to tell everyone I know of your product's quality and your company's AWESOME service!!"



Jeanette and Ernie Kriescher

"Ernie really loves his head set. He said it is good, clear hearing and every trucker who needs a hands free headset should have one."



Holly Williams

"We got [the] charger today and I have to say I am impressed... Thank you!"



Christian Bell

"I really appreciate how you guys stand behind your product!"



Kevin Kincannon

"I've been very happy with the product."



Vic Kulinski

"Thank you! I LOVE this transmitter, had another brand and it was just awkward to use, and never fully worked as they said it would. This one is great!"



Donna Wells

"Thank you so much [my husband] loves his headset!!"



Dawn Maxwell

"Our needed items arrived yesterday. It's exactly what we needed thank you so much for your very quick response. In fact, it was more than what we expected. Your service is much appreciated."



Julian Sanchez

"Y'alls products rock! Thanks for all that y'all do. You guys are the best!"



Aaron Ackley

"Holy crow, you guys are awesome! Thanks again!"



Ron Yau

"Thank you very much... I am going to recommend these headsets and your company to everyone!!! This is the very best customer service I have ever had!! "



Duane R Emery

"You guys carry a very good product there and you stand behind them!"



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"Just bought a 4 LED flashlight. Very light and extremely helpful for lost articles in the dark of my truck!"

- Jason Pari


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